Inside my head…

This is the evil bitch who lives inside my head.  She pretends she’s protecting me and helping me not to be so selfish and lazy but really she’s a controlling, manipulative  bully who criticises me all the time, makes me feel rubbish and anxious, tells me lies that make me paranoid and generally makes me hate myself.  I used to think it was my thoughts and believed them but now I’m realising that it’s not ‘me’, it’s a horrible person who seems to have taken residence in my mind and by accepting it for so long, she’s taken over most of what I think and feel.  So I’ve decided to actually use some of the techniques I’ve tried and never really engaged with in therapy in the past, starting with acknowledging the thoughts are separate to ‘me’ and acknowledging them but not actually listening to them, like you would if it were an external person being horrible to you all the time.  Like all bullies, she probably has a lot of insecurities of her own so I’m not going to attack her back or be horrible to her, just not accept what she says as necessarily true…

(The darker words are the lies she tells, the lighter ones are the ‘other side’ and what’s actually true)


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