Spice Girls are 20!

20 years of Spice Girls!!! WOW. Spice was the first CD I ever bought (closely followed by the Pokemon theme tune and Disney’s Greatest Hits, both of which were out the same year), and I listened to it over and over until I knew all the songs by heart. Here’s a link to the music video of Wannabe in case anyone wants a reminder…  Wannabe music video 🙂

My first experience of Spice Girls was my then best friend singing Wannabe over and over all summer holidays after Year 4 and teaching me the dance to it in the hope of making me more ‘cool’, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever especially with Amy dancing as Mel B! I was always Baby Spice (being blonde and small) and even danced as Baby Spice in Year 10 when for some unknown reason, some girls in my year decided to make up a dance to Stop for mini pops and asked me to take part (!) which we got into and did it in front of half the school! STILL can’t believe we did that even 12 years on…

Also have very vivid memories of a school trip in Year 5 with where my friend made up alternative lyrics to Mama which I thought was really cool for some reason and wrote out in my diary which I still have! Think me and my best friend were overly obsessed with Spice Girls that year (along with probably every 9/10 year old girl on the planet) and I remember sharing earphones to listen to the tape of Spice over and over on Walkman at any available opportunity… We also collected the official Spice Girls stickers, had T-shirts and postcards which I stuck on the inside of my desk in Year 6 in an attempt to be ‘cool’ (although the other pictures of eyeless fish and Disney maybe cancelled that out!).

One of my really random Spice Girls memories was reading a magazine interview with Posh Spice/Victoria Adams (now Beckham) who said that she never smiled because it made her face look fat and that made me really nervous about smiling in front of cameras- kind of shows how celebrities can have an impact on kids even at primary school age and that was in the 90s, God knows what it’s like for 9 year olds now! But the whole ‘girl power’ message was really powerful and I think nearly every primary school aged girl could relate to at least one of the Spice Girls which made a lot of people more ‘socially accepted’ at school which was a big positive- suddenly being shy and awkward made you a perfect Baby Spice in a similar way to Phoebe in Friends making being socially awkward, weird and clumsy socially acceptable as a teenager.

But anyway, happy 20th birthday to the Spice Girls! I feel OLD… :p

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