10 in 10 Day Seven

Day seven of ten marathons in ten days and officially been running marathons for a week!  Mentally I was feeling better today than I have done all week which was a relief and definitely better than yesterday.  I added cornflakes to my porridge again for extra energy which felt OK especially as I’ve been really, really hungry in the mornings when I wake up although I’m really hoping it doesn’t mean that my body’s getting used to too much food which is going to be hard to manage next week.  But for the moment, I just want to get through the runs so trying not to think about it too much.

The first few laps went OK- was listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and The Division Bell which are two of my favourite albums, and it was nice to run and zone out a bit.  It was really hot though which got worse as the run went on.  By lap three, I was really feeling the heat and even though I was drinking lots of squash, I was still really thirsty.  There were ice poles at the aid station which were amazing and it was so hot I wasn’t even bothered about the fact that they probably weren’t sugar free which is a massive thing for me since I’d never usually eat sugar but it was so bloody hot!  I dipped my cap in water every lap which helped a bit but was really struggling with the heat.

After lap six, I bought a diet Coke from the petrol station which helped a bit but found the last couple of laps really, really tough.  I was mostly walking by then because I was feeling dizzy and nauseous and the path kept spinning around me, and I really didn’t feel great.  Luckily a running friend caught up with me on the last lap and I walked the rest with her which was really helpful because I was a bit worried I was going to pass out.  Even when I got back after the race, the room was still spinning and it took a while (and a lot of diet Coke and squash) to start to feel a bit more normal.  So hard running in the heat!

After the race, lots of people from the 10 in 10 went out for a meal at Wagamama which was another big positive for me- I don’t really ‘do’ eating out or in front of people but it was actually OK and had a really nice salad which was definitely needed, especially the salt!  Off to bed now, totally exhausted and hopefully sleep before tomorrow…  Three more attempts to go!!



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