Day Eight of the 10 in 10- only two days to go!!

Hardest day so far :/ SO BLOODY HOT!!  Wasn’t in the best frame of mind when the run started- wasn’t feeling great last night and spent most of it in an over-emotional crying phase which I think is kind of expected after seven marathons but didn’t really help with the rest and recovery aspect.  Although as a friend pointed out today, if you choose to run ten marathons in a row, you’re going to be exhausted and emotional so it’s kind of my own fault!  Can’t wait till it’s over though; I’ve been a lot more sensible than usual with keeping safe but also feeling kind of trapped and claustrophobic, and looking forward to being back at home with my cat.

OMG it was hot today.  Really, really hot, exposed course and no shade so really tough to run in.  It was so hot that I was eating ice lollies again without caring about the calories or sugar content, and drinking as much water with electrolytes as I could.  I ran as much of the first half as I could but really struggled in the second half and seriously considered stopping at six laps but people were being so encouraging that I carried on.  Only just made the cut off time though which was a bit stressful.

I can’t really remember much of the run continuously so this is going to be a bit of a short and random post, sorry!  I know at some point someone gave me a diet Coke which really helped both with hydration and energy; the path was spinning a lot of the time and two people gave me salt and electrolyte tablets which probably stopped me from passing out which felt way too possible, and it was nice to have some company on the last couple of laps when I really didn’t feel capable of walking let alone running.  DONE though which is a big relief!!  Two more attempts to go…


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