Day nine!! Only one more attempt left…

Just a quick post again today because I am KNACKERED 😴 nine marathons down and only one more to go!! Today was super tough; 32 degrees heat and no shade so really hard running. Lots of people dropped down to half marathon and was really, really tempted to stop at a half too but it’s so close to 10 in 10 now and I really do want to try as hard as I can to achieve it.

I think my brain must be turning to mush because I can’t remember much of the actual running again :/ I know it was HOT and I ate way too many ice lollies from the aid station which I’m feeling a bit shitty about now but really did help both with energy and trying to cool down. I felt like I was literally roasting for most of the run though and even dipping my hat into water every lap didn’t help much. Drank lots of water and electrolytes but still so so hot.

But amazingly finished it (just!!) and only one more attempt to go… Feeling like it might actually be achievable?! Can’t process it properly and am completely drained in every possible way but will see how tomorrow goes…



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